Monday, November 23, 2009

William Elliot Whitmore- Animals in the Dark

Animals in the Dark is essentially a roots album. It has a banjo, slide guitar, Whitmore’s voice, and a peck of attitude. The attitude transcends the genre on “Mutiny” specifically. It’s not a protest song so much as an angry open letter to the last presidential administration. When Whitmore sings, “Let the motherfucker burn,” he clearly means it. No euphemisms. No compromise. He calls it like he sees it. In fact, Whitmore probably has more in common with hardcore punk rock of the late 80s than current Americana music. The songwriting is no nonsense and no holds barred. As Whitmore says, “Look at the guys who are screwing us right now compared to the guys who were in power screwing people 2,000 years ago in ancient Europe.” To him, there’s little difference.

01. Mutiny
02. Who stole the soul
03. Johnny law
04. Old devils
05. Hell or high water
06. There's hope for you
07. Hard times
08. Lifetime underground
09. Let the rain come in
10. A good day to die


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