Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ronnie Dio & The Prophets



Before Dio became the Godfather of Metal. He was making some killer Doo Wop, Rockabilly, and 60s Psychedelic tunes... I was never much of a fan of DIO, but he was a true rock n roller and a very nice man! He will definitely be missed!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flat Duo Jets- White Trees

For all of you fans of early Elvis, Carl Perkins, Gene Maltais, and dozens of other lesser known rockabilly all stars The Flat Duo Jets were a two-piece raging piece of rock and roll history. They are everything that Jack White wished his band could be, and everything that The Black Keys aspire to be!

Thick with charged and expressive lyrics and screaming guitar riffs that range from subdued to convulsive White Trees is an amazing album. This album ranges from hauntingly beautiful with tracks like Rabbit Foot Blues, Cool Boys, and White Trees - to more surly and over the top performances such as How Long and Radioactive Man.
This is a fantastic album.


Sean & Zander- s/t ep


DEATH- For The Whole World To See

The album falls short of a diamond-in-the-rough-caliber discovery, but considering these seven songs are the remains of an aborted 12-song full-length-from a band that reinvented itself every three or four years, For the Whole World holds up well alongside, say, concurrent Blue Oyster Cult or New York Dolls albums. This is the kind of reissue that re-instills faith in today's frustrated rockist, the listener whose fidelity gets tested by a rogues gallery of calculating rock revivalists every year. Armed with profound musicianship and the bona fide origin story so many less interesting bands' press kits grasp for, Death comes across as extremely likeable despite gleefully ripping off all the obvious influences.


Harry J All Stars- Liquidator

Not much to say except this ones an absolute Reggae Classic! If you don't already own it you probably should!


The Booze- All 3 Albums!

This is an absolutely brilliant band! They are gonna be on the road with me and Prima Donna all summer, and I can't fuckin wait!! Here is all 3 of their records. Hopefully, you become a huge fan like me!

Easy Beats in Modern Time

Straight, No Chaser!

Rebirth of the Cool

Nick Curran- Reform School Girl

This is one of my current favorite albums right now... Nick Curran my old Austin buddy sure has come a long way from his teenage years as a member of the Fabulous Thunderbirds. This first solo album of his is superb!! That it will have Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Chuck Berry hollerin' for joy that there is still hope for Rock N' Roll!

Reform School Girl is a barn burner of unadulterated blues-based rock and roll. Curran wrote, or had a hand in writing, 12 of the 14 tracks. Each one is extraordinary and harks back to that era of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s when the guitar and saxophone were king and segregated African American bluesmen were losing their ASCAP to white, charismatic pianists and vocalists. It is roots “rock ‘n roll” and that is just what Nick Curran and the Lowlifes deliver. It will make you dance – you won’t be able to help yourself.